Find Top Talent with Talentor’s direct search

The most suitable candidate  for your company may not be looking for a new job or reading job ads

We offer an innovative and high quality solution for the direct search of manager and specialist level candidates

Customized solutions

Talentor’s direct search for manager and expert-level candidates is based on a our high-quality recruitment process. We take into account the client’s needs, strategy, culture, values ​​and employer image of the organization, so that we can develop the most customized solutions for each recruitment project needs.

A wide network of personal contacts with top candidates

At Talentor  we are in constant interaction with expert-level candidates about their individual career aspirations. We call this Talentor Career Dialogue. As we already know a significant part of the candidates career plans in advance, it allows us to carry out a direct search quickly and efficiently.

Talentor’s recruitment process

Expert Search

We will start by creating a comprehensive search profile and produce a detailed brochure about our client’s organisation and offered position to be delivered to the candidates. Within two weeks of initiating the search, we present our client with a long list of candidates.


After the client has approved the long list, we will reach out to the selected candidates, interview them thoroughly, and present the most suitable candidates to the client within two weeks. We pride ourselves on providing a streamlined and efficient service to help our clients find the best fit for their needs.

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