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The most suitable candidate  for your company may not be looking for a new job or reading job ads

We offer an innovative and high quality solution for the direct search of manager and specialist level candidates

Customized solutions

Talentor’s direct search for manager and expert-level candidates is based on a our high-quality recruitment process. We take into account the client’s needs, strategy, culture, values ​​and employer image of the organization, so that we can develop the most customized solutions for each recruitment project needs.

A wide network of personal contacts with top candidates

At Talentor  we are in constant interaction with expert-level candidates about their individual career aspirations. We call this Talentor Career Dialogue. As we already know a significant part of the candidates career plans in advance, it allows us to carry out a direct search quickly and efficiently.

Talentor’s recruitment process

Expert Search

1. Initiating the assignment and creating the brochure for the candidates

We take great care to thoroughly understand our client’s organization, strategy, and corporate culture. This enables us to create a detailed candidate profile that clearly outlines the required competencies for the position. We conduct a comprehensive analysis of the tasks, responsibilities, goals, working environment, and client expectations associated with the prospective candidate, ensuring we provide the most accurate and informative responses to candidate inquiries.

Next, we create a comprehensive brochure for the candidates that highlights the client company and the position, captivating the interest of potential candidates. Additionally, we establish an exclusive Talentor extranet website designed specifically for the candidates. This platform serves as a centralized hub where candidates can access consolidated information about the offered position, the client company they’ll be working with as well as their potential for growth and development. Furthermore, candidates have the opportunity to explore videos that showcase the client’s operations, giving them valuable insights into the company’s activities.


2. Candidate Mapping (2 weeks)
Within approximately 2 weeks of initiating the assignment, we actively search for and present the client with candidates who meet the specified criteria. Prior to engagement, the client has the option to review the candidate list and identify individuals with whom we can establish confidential communication.

Our candidate mapping process is systematic and comprehensive, utilizing a combination of modern data sources, extensive databases, and traditional research methods. We conduct a thorough executive search study tailored specifically to each assignment, incorporating industry, company, position, and talent analysis to ensure optimal outcomes.

3.Presenting Candidates to the Client (2 weeks)
We reach out to candidates who meet the specified criteria, conduct interviews, and present the most suitable candidates to the client within approximately 2 weeks after the client has approved the candidate list.

We present candidates through written interview reports and often include video introductions. In the video introductions, a Talentor consultant interviews the candidate based on predetermined interview questions, with the candidate’s permission for recording. Talentor has been successfully using this method in Finland since 2008.

4. Client Interviews
We coordinate schedules for interviews between the client and candidates and, if necessary, participate in the interviews to support the hiring manager. With the increasing prevalence of remote work, initial interviews can also be conducted through video conferencing when needed.

5. Work Simulations
Upon the client’s request, Talentor can provide tailored work simulations for the candidates, assessing key performance requirements in the job. Work simulations are recorded on video for the client’s review.

6. References and Selection Decision
If needed, Talentor assists the client with second-round interviews and conducts reference checks on the candidates. We can also support the candidate and client in contract negotiation, if desired by the client.

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