Full day psychological aptitude assessment

Psychological Assessment

Talentor psychological aptitude assessment service focuses on work-related personal characteristics and capacities to predict success and bring additional value to selection and overall decision making.

At Talentor, only legalized psychologists with a relevant and long-lasting continuous high-quality work history provide assessment services. These psychologists are guided by both high work ethics of psychology and understanding of the relevance of personality in evaluating work performance.

Assessment is based upon 6-8 selection criteria, which are achieved through thorough organizational and job related preliminary analyses. These criteria are then evaluated with each candidate via multi-method approach, and each of these methods have been carefully selected to suite each individual assignment. We also promise that working with us all the Finnish legal obligations considering quality, ethics and authenticity (YksTyöelämäL 759/2004 4 § 13) are fulfilled.


Assessment process

Each assessment project starts with an examination of our client's current situation, strategy, culture and job specific requirements required to successfully match the requirements relevant to our client's the team and community. We will also analyse needed individual characteristics concerning skills, capacity, personality and working style in relation to the applied position.

Based on the selection criteria, Talentor’s psychologist will define the most relevant methods to be used within the assessment. These could various personality inventories, ability tests, motivational inventories and similar. We will also construct customized work simulation tasks, which are based on the specific unique requirements of the job.

The simulated tasks could be interactive or literary outputs and situations, in which our psychologist can efficiently evaluate the approach, strategy, problem solving ability, nuances of communication, situational sensitivity and several other areas of the assessed candidate.

High quality and reliability

Each Talentor assessment is individually executed according to the principles for a high-quality psychological assessment. Applicants will also be informed for their right to gain feedback after the assessment is over.

Talentor’s psychologist will give professional opinion about the applicability of each individual candidate to the applied position. Both the client and the applicant will receive a comprehensive verbal and written feedback  and report from the responsible consultant.

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