Successful sales management requires anticipating and observing changes in client needs and consuming patterns. Digitalization and the transfer of information to web enable easier gathering of client data and comparison of products.

Talentor has over 15 years of experience in recruiting sales directors to the needs of different organizations.

During the past recent years, client consuming patterns have changed. Businesses and their products are more transparent due to easy ad fast data acquisition. This means a rise in clients’ expectations and negotiation power. As sales processes are digitalized, companies are able to acquire more data of clients and their consuming behaviors.

Sales has changed towards a more consultative and challenging direction. Sales persons are expected to have abilities to function as the supporters and multitalents of client business.  A great seller is able to combine the additional value brought by his or her own product or service with client business as well as justify the viability of a product or service from a client perspective. Despite the digitalization of sales, clients still value personal relationships to sales persons. Buyers value interaction and an opportunity to ask further questions about the product or service to be bought. In addition, the transformation of sales function is reflected by the spread of sales processes to other functions of the organization. More and more roles require having a sales angle towards the work.

Digitalization, changes in consuming patterns and changes in organizing sales cause continuous challenges to the modern sales directors and other sales experts. Annually, Talentor recruits a significant number of sales leaders and experts to various industries. We put effort into the entire recruiting process from mapping potential candidates to individual assessments to ensure that our clients find the right sales experts in order to achieve their financial and strategic goals.

Mika Nevasuo, suorahakukonsultti Talentor Finland Oy
Mika Nevasuo
Mika is the founder of the international Talentor network. He has over 20 years of experience from demanding executive search and recruitment of director and manager level candidates in Finland and internationally. Mika has M.Sc. of Economics and Business Administration degree and is certified for skills and competence based assessment from the Association of Psychologists in Finland.
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