The development of digitalization and marketing is strongly visible in today’s marketing in Finland. There is a strong shift from traditional print advertising to digital marketing utilizing a broad channel network. However, the Finnish digital marketing is still behind other Nordic countries; in 2015 the Finnish digital marketing accounted for 286 million euros, whereas the amount of Swedish digital marketing accounted for 1.37 billion euros altogether, which is almost 5 times more than in Finland.

Nowadays, investments in marketing are targeted mostly at technology and data. About 80 million euros are invested annually in the development of new marketing technology, whereas investments in maintenance and use account for 130 million euros annually. With new technological services, it is now possible to acquire more detailed information about clients and consumer patterns, which in turn makes it possible to target marketing on an individual level to a greater extent. Recently, automating marketing has been highlighted as marketing is technologized, which can be used for intensifying frequent and time-consuming functions and enabling the exact timing of marketing as well as maintaining the interest of clients.

Content marketing is also emphasized in modern marketing. In a successful marketing, the client receives additional value from an interesting and entertaining content that corresponds to the client’s personality and needs. Valuable content is considered more meaningful than continuous and non-targeted marketing messages. Content may not be necessarily produced within the organization itself, but it may be outsourced to various content providers, media companies and media agencies.

Now and in the future, the role of marketing experts will be characterized by IT skills and its effective utilization in marketing processes. The process of gathering client data and how it should be refined in order to achieve organizational goals must be understood. Additionally, one should acknowledge the marketing processes that an organization can perform most efficiently by itself, and the processes that can be outsourced. Talentor understands the trends and abilities underlining the field of marketing, which are required from the experts of marketing now and in the future. By contacting our consultants, you are already one step closer in recruiting the best talents in the field of marketing.

Mika Nevasuo, suorahakukonsultti Talentor Finland Oy
Mika Nevasuo
Mika is the founder of the international Talentor network. He has over 20 years of experience from demanding executive search and recruitment of director and manager level candidates in Finland and internationally. Mika has M.Sc. of Economics and Business Administration degree and is certified for skills and competence based assessment from the Association of Psychologists in Finland.
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