Human Resource Management is a significant part of strategic business management. Strategic insight, know-how as well as ability to anticipate changes in the operating environment together with the business management are highly expected skills from the head of human resources. Effective human resource management is focused on developing those areas that build the success and competitiveness of the company.

Talentor has several years of experience in finding talented human resource experts as well as strong candidate networks in the field.

Staff resources form part of the company’s competitive advantage in a changing environment. It is easy for competitors to reproduce another company’s product or functional features. However, it is significantly more difficult to imitate the human resource management schemes, staff know-how and organizational culture. The staff know-how is one of the company’s most important strategic resources, which can be developed by active human resource management.

Human resource management is a significant part of strategic business management. A well-organized employee management supports a business in achieving both its long and short term goals as well as in preparing for the future. In order to improve the organization’s results, human resource management requires solid business orientation and ability to work with different organizational functions in cooperation with the organization.

Staff engagement, work culture, learning and development are challenges globally acknowledged by the human resource leaders. In Finland, the focus in the field of HR lies more in the HR technology, simplifying work and HR analytics. This is partly explained by Finland’s weak economic situation, as HR processes are being intensified by various new technologies. Due to the challenging economy, companies are struggling with the need for staff reductions and finding the right talents. Simultaneously, unusual employment relations and the usage of subcontractors have increased. Therefore, new methods, leadership models and administrative tools are needed in the Finnish human resource management to respond to the current, challenging human resource environment.

Talentor’s prominent position in the global HR community and the Talentor recruiting specialists guarantee that we find our customers the best experts both from a substance and personal trait perspective. In addition to evaluating candidates’ work experience and personal traits, we also assess a candidate’s suitability to the company culture as a member of the work community. This enables us to engage the candidates to the organization’s goals already at an early stage.

Mika Nevasuo, suorahakukonsultti Talentor Finland Oy
Mika Nevasuo
Mika is the founder of the international Talentor network. He has over 20 years of experience from demanding executive search and recruitment of director and manager level candidates in Finland and internationally. Mika has M.Sc. of Economics and Business Administration degree and is certified for skills and competence based assessment from the Association of Psychologists in Finland.
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