Financial Management

The future heads of finance have to be able to make more justified decisions utilizing new technology that have a direct effect on the company’s performance. Digitalization has transferred heads of finance and other finance experts to the modern era, since automated data processing has enabled real-time financial decision-making that is free of old reporting cycles.

For already 15 years, Talentor has successfully worked as the recruiting partner for its clients in the recruitment of different financial experts.

The role of financial leaders has changed over the last years. The increase in data and the predictability of future has been emphasized in the finance function. The financial leaders have to be able to find the right issues from a large number of data and to create predictions with the help of which the worst shoals can be avoided and preparations for growth can be done at the right time. With digitalization, it is possible to predict financial deviations early enough, which leaves more reaction time for decision making.

Financial leaders need to be able to simultaneously look into the past, present and future. On one hand, the financial development during the accounting period should be understood, whereas on the other, one should be able to simultaneously perceive the strategic goals of the future. The financial leaders of successful companies have a vision that reaches beyond the core finance functions, and with the help of their expertise, the organization can create added value and improve its performance.

The more credible and precise financial data a financial leader can provide, the more he/she is able to support the higher management decision-making. Financial leaders have to be able to illustrate the effects of alternative solutions to the various business areas of the organization through active discussion with the business leaders. Nowadays, financial leaders also have to understand the significance of different reporting systems in the financial management and how the current systems should be improved to intensify the processing of financial data. With Talentor’s reliable direct search and personal assessment services we have succeeded in mapping the most potential candidates to the open positions of our client organizations. For already 15 years, we have worked as the recruiting partner with our clients in various financial expert recruitments.

Mika Nevasuo, suorahakukonsultti Talentor Finland Oy
Mika Nevasuo
Mika is the founder of the international Talentor network. He has over 20 years of experience from demanding executive search and recruitment of director and manager level candidates in Finland and internationally. Mika has M.Sc. of Economics and Business Administration degree and is certified for skills and competence based assessment from the Association of Psychologists in Finland.
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