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At Talentor, our executive search services are designed to meet the highest quality standards while leveraging direct contacts for recruitment. We take the time to deeply understand our clients’ businesses and immerse ourselves in their corporate culture. This allows us to tailor our search to their specific needs.

Our approach to candidate selection is comprehensive and systematic. We use a combination of innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) supported data sources and traditional research methods to thoroughly map out potential candidates. Our customized industry, company, role, and talent analyses provide us with valuable insights to ensure we find the best fit for each unique assignment.

With Talentor’s executive search services, you can trust that we will find the right candidates to help drive your business forward.


Executive Search Finland


Talentor Executive Search process


Executive Search Finland

The industry’s most innovative solutions for executive search in Finland

Talentor has developed several unique methods and processes for assessing candidates’ career situations and suitability. Our consultants are happy to provide further details about what sets us apart.

Stages and Duration of Executive Search process

1. Assignment Initiation and Brochure Creation
We thoroughly acquaint ourselves with our client’s organization, strategy, and corporate culture. We create a detailed candidate profile, outlining the competency requirements for the role. We investigate the tasks, responsibilities, objectives, operating environment, and client expectations for the prospective candidate to address their queries effectively. Subsequently, we prepare an extensive brochure about the client company and the role to pique the interest of potential candidates. Additionally, we create a unique Talentor extranet site for candidates, where they can access consolidated information about the role, the team, technologies, development opportunities, and even view videos introducing the client’s operations.

2. Candidate Identification (2 weeks)
Typically, within about two weeks of initiating the assignment, we identify and present to the client candidates who meet the specified criteria. If desired, the client can review the list of candidates in advance and endorse individuals with whom we can make confidential contact.

We systematically and comprehensively identify candidates by leveraging our modern data sources, extensive databases, and traditional research methods. For each assignment, we conduct a thorough executive search study tailored to the industry, company, role, and expertise.

3. Candidate Presentation to the Client (3 weeks)
We contact candidates who meet the role criteria, interview them, and present the most suitable candidates to the client within approximately three weeks of the client approving the candidate list.

We introduce candidates through a written interview report and often via video presentations. In the video presentation, a Talentor consultant interviews the candidate using pre-agreed interview questions, with the candidate’s consent. Talentor has successfully employed this method in Finland since 2008, with excellent results.


4. Client Interviews
We schedule and facilitate interviews between the client and candidates, and when necessary, we actively participate to support the hiring manager. With the growing prevalence of remote work, initial interviews can also be conducted via video conferencing.

5. Work Simulations
Upon the client’s request, Talentor can arrange customized work simulations for candidates. Work simulations can also be recorded on video. In executive-level positions, these simulations are often tailored to the specific business needs.

6. References and Selection Decision
Talentor can assist the client with second-round interviews and checking candidates’ references if needed. Additionally, we can support negotiations between the candidate and the client when it comes to employment agreements, should the client desire this service.

Guiding Principles of Our Operations:

  • Professionalism
  • Delivering top-quality service
  • Persistence
  • Exceeding expectations
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