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Talentor’s solution for senior management recruitment

Talentor direct search is high quality
recruitment service based on direct contacts

Versatile experience to support your operations

Talentor’s direct search for management is a recruitment process implemented with high quality standards through direct contacts.

We familiarize ourselves with the details of our client’s business and thoroughly invest in its operating culture.

We map the candidates systematically and comprehensively by combining our innovative data sources and traditional research methods. We do our own comprehensive direct application research for each assignment. We make use of industry, company, task, and expert analysis in a customized way.

Talentor recruitment process

Executive Search

The industry’s most innovative solutions for direct management search

Talentor has developed several unique methods and processes for mapping the career situation and suitability of candidates. Our consultants will be happy to tell you more about our unique differences.

Principles guiding our operations

  • professionalism
  • honoring the promises made to the customer
  • taking responsibility
  • top quality
  • teamwork
  • out-of-the-box thinking
  • perseverance
  • exceeding expectations
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