Strategy and Development

A successful company must invest in good organizational leadership culture, create workable company structures, build modern control systems, commit and develop staff, manage financial resources and intensify processes. Strategy and business development guide a company towards success through a comprehensive analysis of business environment as well as identifying and developing one’s own core competences.

In strategy and business development, a company may utilize its knowledge capital or turn to business management consultants. Often, finding the best experts is challenging, because the role requires solid understanding of the field and also visions of the field’s future. Additionally, the development experts are required to have the ability to perceive wide entities, innovation and ability to guide and lead others in an often complicated matrix environment.

In Finland, management consulting and demand for utilizing different technologies for the support of the organization has increased significantly. The field of management consulting is lead by the Big Four companies, whose international networks and resources are comprehensive. Similarly to other industries, the operational environment is affected by trends, such as sustainability and digitalization.  In addition, the revolution of global environment is illustrated by an increase in the amount of data, the elimination of service site-specificity through cloud and mobile services, and the growth of work social dimension.  Consultants are expected to have broader knowledge and more comprehensive skills in supporting industries in the middle of constant change.

Talentor recognizes the prevalent trends in strategy and business development, as well as the changing operational environment. As business developers work supporting business management in achieving the strategic goals, they need excellent interpersonal skills to commit management and staff to take part in the change processes in addition to broad substance knowledge. Talentor has acquired information about the experts and their career preferences for already 15 years. We ensure successful recruiting processes by continuous and active interaction with clients and potential candidates. We offer modern recruiting and direct search solutions for the recruitment of the best experts and leaders in strategy and business development roles.

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