Talentor Advertised Search

Talentor’s Advertised search offers the customer a high-quality and easy recruitment process.

Talentorin ilmoitushakuprosessi

Hiring a new employee is one of the most far-reaching and significant decisions in an organization. We handle the multi-stage recruitment process professionally, swiftly, and flexibly.

Our approach is based on understanding the client's strategic goals, business, and job descriptions. Talentor takes responsibility for project management and the overall process. We conduct preparatory work for client interviews and successful selection decisions.

We free up time for our clients’ representatives to focus on their core tasks

Based on the assignment discussion and job analysis, we create the recruitment advertisement and recommend the media channels where visibility would support the recruitment (electronic and print media). We handle phone inquiries and provide applicants with additional information about the position and the process. We analyze the received applications in relation to the search criteria defined in the assignment discussion and present the most potential candidates from the applicant pool.

Professional interviews and assessments

During the interview, we assess the candidate’s suitability for the position based on the job requirements, selecting the most suitable candidates for the client’s interviews. Talentor takes care of the client’s employer branding efforts and considers the candidate at all stages of the project by providing information and feedback. We recommend a personal assessment for the candidates in the final stages.

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